We Specialise In

  • 4×4 and 2×4 dyno tuning services
  • Plug & Play solutions enhance your vehicle without affecting your motorplan and factory warranty. Based on experience and years of data being gathered, pre-programmed solutions are available for far and remote areas. The Plug & Play system is easy to install with the immediate benefits of more safe power output, an increase in fuel efficiency and smoother gearbox operation.
  • Vehicle Optimisation – improved performance, overtaking capabilities and fuel economy.
  • Software upgrades – Catalytic Converters (DECAT) and Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) solutions.
  • Out of warranty vehicle service, repairs and maintenance (all makes and models).
  • Specialist in all makes of Toyotas using a Toyota specific diagnostic tool.
  • Clutch upgrades to manage power increase – with specific focus on Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux.
  • Complete bolt on free flow exhaust systems – more power, fuel economy, lower engine temperatures (Mandril Bending used) for most popular 4×4 and SUVs.
  • Powerbrake Agent, offering enhanced braking capabilities supporting improved engine power, extra weight and aftermarket rims and tyres. Consistent 4×4 and off road braking experience.
  • Specific brake packages for the 4×4/SUV market, in particular Toyota. We also have excellent solutions for the VW Golf GTI/R platforms.

Truck And Farm Equipment Optimisation

KSD has achieved remarkable success in the optimisation of trucks and farm equipment.

The reprogramming of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is done by sophisticated software to achieve safe maximum power output and best fuel economy possible. The most technologically advanced equipment has been sourced to adapt the Engine Management Systems, ensuring a significant increase in economy without any negative impact on reliability of the vehicle.

Constant development allows for the Engine Management Systems of farm equipment to be adapted, ensuring significant fuel savings and improvement of power output. The average saving in fuel consumption is between 7% – 10% and as much as 20% more of power output.